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girls who game

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Girls Who Game
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This community is for girls who like video games. Here you can talk about any (and I do mean any) aspect of a game, without being accused of "not being a real gamer" just because you're female. According to recent studies, there are more female gamers then there are male gamers. We're taking over. Run for your lives, boys. ^__^

So if you want to talk about the bishounen? Have at it. Or you could talk about how much ass whooping you did in Devil May Cry, because really, if it's not about the pretty boys it's about the ass whooping. Debate the age old battle of Sony VS. Nintendo. Just have fun, because it's about the games, and games are supposed to be fun.

Reviews, news, gossip, links, and game-centric lj icons are all welcome...BUT follow the rules; there are only a few:

1. Posting a review? Use a cut tag!

2. Posting spoilers? Use a cut tag! [and give a warning, ya?]

3. Posting game-centric lj icons? Say it with me: Use a cut tag! A post full of icons can take forever to load, especially if you don't even want to see them.

4. Do not post solicitations for your ebay auctions or any other auction/sale/trade even if it's game related. There are far better places to advertise things like that than here. Any such posts will be deleted. If the same individual posts an auction/sale/trade for a second time, that person will be banned.

5. No flamewars! Take it out of the community, or risk being banned.

6. Email the Mod [that's me, Miko: zeonic_miko] if you have any problems or questions: Zeonic_Scion_Miko@yahoo.com I really prefer that you email me instead of making a post to the community.

And for the record, this community is NOT anti-male. Males are welcome to join.