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[icon] girls who game
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Subject:Admin post: - But I Don't Like SPAM!
Time:06:58 pm
Current Mood:blankblank
Sorry I've been away for a while and have just recently noticed the spam posts by user graris_whisper. Their posting access has been removed.

If There are any further problems please let me know, I wan't this to be a fun and hassle free community for everyone! ^__^
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Subject:New Gaming network site
Time:11:09 am

Created by the Mog Army Podcast guys. Nice resource, have a peek.
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Current Music:Inuyasha on the tv.
Subject:Rated MA
Time:02:10 am
Current Mood:groggygroggy
Everybody has their own style of playing. Mine is to be curious and find all of the items and power-ups that I possibly can, and to make my characters super strong or super fast or whatever. And also to get horribly frustrated when I have to attempt the same stunt 12 times before I get it right. I curse. On occassion, I have thrown the controller. I know, it's not pretty. And it shows a lack of restraint and patience. Why do I do this? I don't know.

I highly doubt I'm the only gamer in the world that has this affliction, but still, as a girl it's not exactly flattering. Plus, I've been made fun of a lot for it.

So, can I get a witness? Or do I need Anger Management?
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Time:07:07 am

Season Finale Starts Nov 1
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Subject:selling Atari and NES collections....
Time:12:12 am
forced to downsize into a smaller apartment... had to thin out lots of my collections... including my prized Atari 2600 and NES games...

1st collection - 44 games
smaller collection - 6 games

31 game lot plus Game Genie
Battletoads, Deja Vu, Kirby!!, and the almighty TETRIS

They have all been tested and work great.

I hope someone will enjoy them as much as I have all these years. =)
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Subject:Crass Commercial Announcement
Time:02:26 pm
Myst Online:Uru Live is beginning episode style story content beginning this weekend. Episodes are week long periods in which there will be intense story and new content and happen once a month.

You can check it out this weekend. You can get the first month of Myst Online for only 99 centsfor both Mac (Intel processors) and PC. If you have a PC, this also gets you full access to all of the 800 titles on GameTap (old Atari and PC games, games like the new Sam & Max, Civ III, etc), as well as GameTap TV (episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and more). Additionally, you can get limited access to Myst Online for FREE.

If you've ever thought about it, this weekend is the time to do it! This is also the weekend to get your friends on so they can see Myst Online in full swing.
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Subject:Show looking for Lady Gamers - LONDON
Time:01:24 pm
Okay we are not after processed female models that are given an Xbox controller and posed to say "Look I am a girl gamer!" and I am surely not spamming you with this thread.

I am Colleen Segina, I am the Director EveTV for the game of Eve Online http://www.eve-online.com, its a webbased television show created when players from the game were asked to put together a event at the developers HQ and has become a perm feature for the game.

Anyway, why I am contacting you ladies. We are running a series of shows. One titled "New player Experience", and the other "Female Gamers" throughout this season of EVETV and we are looking for REAL girl gamers.

Below is the specs for the show at the moment and we are looking to hear from ladies for this show and upcoming shows who would be interesting in coming down for a Wednesday filming to our Ealing Studios, London.

Participants needed for a segment titled “New Player Experience”:
We are presenting an unique opportunity to 4 individuals who would like to take part in a web television show gaining exposure and recognition. We are filming people from all walks of life who will host and present a show as we capture their experience playing a popular computer game. The thousands of member of the gaming community will tune into the show and become familiar personalities.

Contact email for me is colleen@eve-online.tv
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Time:09:20 am
“Book of Lost Ages” creative contest
Entry deadline 11:59pm PST July 1, 2007
Grand Prize Adobe Creative Suite 3
For full contest rules and entry guidelines, please visit www.mystembassy.net/contests/

The Myst Embassy is pleased to announce the “Book of Lost Ages” contest as a fan-run
promotional & creative outlet for Myst Online: Uru Live (www.mystonline.com).
Entrants can use a wide range of multimedia tools to create a story for one of the Ages of the
D’ni, an ancient civilization that had the ability to link to other worlds through specially written

Entries will be accepted until July 1st, after which they will be screened by a panel of judges; the
top five entries from that screening will be voted on by the Myst Online: Uru Live community.
The winner of that voting period will be the recipient of the grand prize, Adobe Creative Suite 3,
as provided by the Myst Embassy.

The Myst Embassy is a fan based group providing volunteer support and outreach for the Myst &
Uru series of games by Cyan Worlds, Inc. The Book of Lost Ages contest is an independent
work of the Myst Embassy, and is presented in accordance with Cyan Worlds, Inc. Fan Created
Art guidelines.
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Subject:Gaming Radio looking for Gamers to DJ
Time:07:28 pm

Split Infinity Radio Now Hiring!
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Subject:Import Games
Time:11:56 am
Hey ya'll,

I just imported an X-Box 360 for myself and i'm having trouble finding games for it that are not like astronomial in price...like e-bay! I know of afew sites that sell imports, well one as of now...


but i was curious to if anyone knew of anymore? What i am looking for is either a trading comunity, a trading site, or an import store in general. Thanks for ya'lls help!

Oh yeah, this is x-posted all over the place!

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[icon] girls who game
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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